About us

Liquor store
The wholesale activities of Square Dranken started in 1980 from a liquor store in the heart of the city of Groningen.
The liquor store provided the local hotels, cafés and restaurants (on-trade) with wine and spirits.
Because the liquor store was located on a rectangular square, the name is changed to Square Dranken distributeurs and later to Square Dranken Nederland B.V.

Wholesale function within The Netherlands
Although supplying the on-trade remained a local affair, the customer base quickly expanded with liquor stores, beverage wholesalers, cash & carries, cooperatives and supermarkets throughout The Netherlands.

European wholesaler

In the meantime, Square Dranken Nederland B.V. has grown into a European wholesaler with a finely meshed network throughout Europe.
Nowadays, Square Dranken operates from a stately mansion in the city center of Groningen.

Square Dranken has an organic certificate from Skal.

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